Media Advisory Services

I offer consulting services that are both dynamic and tailored, designed to meet the unique needs of artists, rights holders, and music businesses. My expertise focuses on enhancing monetization alternatives and building strategic partnerships in the music and tech sectors.

Value of Music: Monetization and Royalty Models

  • Monetization
    The value of music today expands way beyond streaming. With a deep dive into the music ecosystem, I understand the opportunities it holds. Together, we can explore alternative monetization options, leveraging my knowledge of the music value chain. My goal? To boost your revenue potential by tapping into innovative and evolving strategies in the music world.

  • New Royalty Models
    I developed the new changes to Spotify’s revised payout model. I’ve examined and updated compensation models for tech platforms, labels, and artists, aiming for fairness and sustainability. My passion lies in continuing to innovate in this field, finding new opportunities for legal music to thrive. Let’s develop the next royalty model for music together.

Strategic Business Development and Partnerships

Partner with me to chart your business growth, exploring new avenues and possibilities. I will guide you through market research, customer needs mapping, and opportunity analysis, leading to a business case for growth. Each strategy is customized to fit your unique needs, ensuring effective, lasting business success in the music industry.

Some strategies really shine when powered by the right partnerships. Leveraging my extensive network in the music industry, I can connect your plans with the ideal partners to help them thrive.

I provide in-depth market intelligence and trend analysis, vital for clients to stay ahead in the competitive music industry.

Thinking Longer Term

Setting the long term vision

I introduced the first long-range plans for both my Spotify and Splice teams. This work combines all of my subject and tactical expertise, and helps paint the long term picture for your company leadership, investors and any potential partners.

Evaluating New Music Revenue Opportunities

With a proven track record of building a business line from scratch to significant profitability, I offer expert advice in identifying, evaluating and capitalizing on new revenue opportunities in the music industry.

Corporate Development and M&A Expertise

Mergers and Acquisitions: With a background in investment banking, I can help evaluate “buy” opportunities in your field. This includes assessing acquisition potential, valuation, and analyzing companies in your industry.

For expert-driven advisory services in the media and music industry, get in touch.

With a unique blend of industry experience and business acumen, I’m dedicated to helping you navigate and succeed in the dynamic world of music and technology.