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Music ADVISOR, with 15+ years of experience


About Me

With over 15 years in the music and audio industry, my focus has been on practical and effective solutions. My experience includes developing tools to help artists thrive financially.

My background in finance, complemented by education from Harvard and Oxford, has guided my business-oriented approach to the music industry.

  • Integrating Music with Technology
  • Strategic Product and Business Development
  • Handling US and International Market Dynamics
  • Rights Management and Data Analysis
  • Effective Partnership and Deal Negotiations

Curious about my background in music?

In my interactions with clients, I focus on three key areas:
problem solving, understanding bigger picture and evaluating team and resources.

Pioneering Tomorrow’s Music Industry Today.

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I provide a range of consulting services, custom-fit for the ever-changing music and audio industry:

  • Strategic Business Development and Partnerships
  • Evaluating New Music Revenue Opportunities
  • Corporate Development and M&A Expertise


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Work with me and get a unique edge in the music industry. I blend creative and business know-how to offer strategies that work for both artists and the market. You’ll get the full package to succeed in this ever-changing scene. I’ve successfully teamed up with top names in the industry, bringing valuable experiences to the table.

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