About The Founder

I have been working in the media for the past 15 years. The last decade I have been driving innovation in the music industry to help artists and rights holders make more money.

In the music world, I’ve made waves with big players, all about boosting artist earnings and setting the stage for tomorrow’s music trends.

Professional Journey and Expertise

  • Spotify Leadership
    In a key role at Spotify, I focused on developing advanced tools for artist promotion and revenue. My six-year tenure was crucial in shaping the company’s marketplace approach, contributing to a more sustainable business model.

  • Royalty Revolution
    I’ve played a major part in evolving royalty models, impacting the functional music sector. I initiated the work on the two tier royalty system emerging on streaming platforms. 

  • Guiding New Talent
    Currently, I’m advising emerging companies, focusing on expanding music’s reach and pioneering new earning methods. My strategic input is designed to amplify the music industry’s future.
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Background and Education

My career began in investment banking at Goldman Sachs, where I worked for five years on the Technology, Media, and Telecom team. During my time at Goldman, I worked with companies such as Disney and ABC Broadcasting, Universal Music Group, Formula 1, and Spotify.

I had the chance to complete transactions in financing (IPO, debt and equity raises) as well as both sell side and buy side M&A advisory. This experience set the stage for my business-first approach in the music scene.

I hold an undergraduate degree from Harvard University, and a Masters from the University of Oxford. My educational background serves as the foundation to how I approach problem solving.

Recent Engagements and Roles

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Advisor Role at Soundverse
I wrapped up the previous year by joining Soundverse as an Advisor. I am thrilled about the team’s achievements and look forward to supporting their progress in the new year, reflecting my continuous commitment to the music industry.

Consultant at Endel.io
Recently, I’ve taken on a consultancy role with Endel.io, bringing my expertise to their innovative auditory technology. I am helping them to build consumer demand for their functional music product.

Speaker at NAMM
I recently spoke at NAMM, where I’ll be discussing advanced monetization strategies for artists and content creators, contributing to the dialogue on financial innovation in the music industry.